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lalalydia's Journal

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lydia's tale (or how jamie became lydia)

ah, memories... a minor element of evil, he who shall remain unnamed, introduced me to the internet in the form of ucscb (an internet community at uc santa cruz--a geek social scene, if you will). a much more groovy fellow--called himself mantis--helped me learn about ucscb's many time-wasting, yet enjoyable, features. this was before most folks were on the 'net, by the way. ah, those were the days, when banana (now mistresshellena) and i cackled back and forth across the aisle at the porter college computer lab while chatting away on fnet, tormenting some, amusing others, and boring many to tears.

anywho... as you might have guessed, everyone on ucscb had to choose a nickname--something interesting, something meaningful, something that, in a nutshell, said something about who they were. kind of like lj?

why lydia? so countless people would open chat sessions referring to a song about a tattooed lady? i think not.

it's from beetlejuice, kids. because i was quite a fan of winona ryder... and account heather was taken. i suppose i could have tried for veronica, or heathernumberone, or perhaps girlscoutcookie. but, lydia had a nice ring to it. and it stuck...

lydia also struck me as being somewhat ironic, as i always thought of myself as "sorta goth"--not nearly as spooky as my namesake who wrote the immortal words, "i am alone... i am *utterly* alone..." i've never been one to commit to a label. or perhaps it's just pure laziness.

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