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My goodness. No posts since Feb. That's sad. I guess it's because we skipped Comiccon this year. I know, shocking. But we really needed a year off. That said, when it finally arrived we were definitely both like, "WAH, why are we not going?!?!" Probably for the best, though... will make it fresh again when we go next year. We're also going to be out of town for APE, so I will completely miss all opportunities of finding cool new zines, toys, etc. I'm sure it'll all still be there next year.

It's been an extremely busy summer at my work. Our team finished up work on the multiplayer portion of Sims 3 for the Wii which went very well and it already getting some good preview press. Then we all got shifted on to helping finish up Rapunzel for Wii and DS. That's been less smooth, but the DS is almost out the door and the Wii should be soon... I hope. Not everyone may know this, but I moved out of being the Office Manager to being a Production Assistant around February, which is awesome... and exactly what I wanted when I first was hired at Planet Moon. We have a next project, which is also very good news, but it's SUPER TOP SECRET. But I am very excited about it.

Um, what else? My favorite show is done for the season (yes, I'll admit it, I like So You Think You Can Dance) so that's sad... have to wait another year for more dance geekery.

Speaking of geekery, been playing much video games lately. Finished Assassin's Creed 1 (I know, I know, that's been out forever) and now I'm on to Bioshock 2. Loving it so far... not as good as the first one but whatever.

New York and Boston trip planned for October... I am ready ready ready for a break.

Yeah, so that's that.
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