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I am obeying g_na and posting in LJ. I, too, have noticed that hardly anyone posts in here anymore. Which is too bad, because I do enjoy reading people's entries. I am v. guilty of not posting regularly, however, so I can't complain too much.

So, because I wanted to get rid of the bike tire around my middle, and because I felt "in a rut" with my none-too-frequent, fairly non-energetic workouts... and because this trainer woman at my gym came over and helped me at the right moment, I decided to buy a package of training sessions. Which was v. expensive! What recession!?!? Anywho, I am appx four sessions in and OWWWW! Every couple days a different part of my body decides to be injured. The past few days it's my ankle.

Other side effects of seeing a trainer: I've been compelled to spend more money on equipment such as a heart rate monitor and this weekend I'll be buying new sneakers as I suspect part of the problem with the ankle is that my old sneaks are lame. They were cheap.

I really like my trainer even though she insists on torturing me. She's funny and sarcastic and laughs at my jokes. She's also helping me with nutrition and diet stuff, and has decreed that I can't drink wine every night (she is evil) at least not right now while I am trying to lose body fat. The sad part is: I know all this stuff and I know if I want to look and feel better, I have to make some lifestyle changes. Always hard to make changes, but I suppose it's necessary.

Hopefully this will get easier and I will get stronger. I imagine both will happen... eventually. In the meantime... OWWWWWW.

In other news, the bathroom remodel is so close to done and I promise to post before and after pics on my flickr page.

Attended Lena's wedding @ Voodoo Donuts in Portland a couple weekends ago. Pix are up from that. It was wonderful... congrats to Lena and Paul. What a great weekend!!!

Saw Santigold (formerly Santogold) last night at the Warfield. Definitely one of the better shows I've seen in a while. Her opening act, Amanda Blank, was surprisingly good. Santi had great energy, sounded good, and had some kickass backup singers who had choreographed dance moves for each song. I love it when there are dancers! Reminds me of MBM shows of old... ah... memories!

And next week, Prodigy! Woo to the HOOOO!
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