lydia (lalalydia) wrote,

The adventures continue in Santa Fe. We went to dinner last night at a VERY popular place called The Shed and the wait for two was 1hr45min (!!!). We decided to wait, had a drink, and made the acquaintance of a very nice gay couple, Brian and Bob. When their name was called, they invited us to join them (they had a four top) and at the end of the meal they paid! And we didn't even have to put out! :) They were really sweet guys (and extremely generous, obviously) and it was a great evening.

And today, we saw Famke Janssen in a shoe store. And ran into our wedding coordinator dude at the place we went for lunch. Good times! Sort of makes up for the fact that we NEVER see Julia Roberts up in Taos (she used to stop in at my step-mom's yarn store on occasion).

Tonight: tapas to be followed by fancy, overpriced drinks at the hotel where we got hitched.
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