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Quick post while the hubband naps. We arrived in Santa Fe a few hours ago. It's all covered in snow! So beautiful, but we definitely need to be cautious when walking and driving... so not used to this! We're staying at the same B&B where we stayed for our wedding, but not the same room (with the "holiday surcharge" it was beyond our price range). I think we're staying in the room in which melting_girl stayed. It's lovely. Had to move the car twice due to limited parking at the B&B, and the innkeeper felt so bad about it she brought us a little bottle of champagne and some strawberries and chocolates! It wasn't that big a deal to move the car, but THANKS! :) Given the altitude and the fact that G doesn't drink, I should nice and drunk in no time flat. As is my practice here, I will be making sure all meals involve green chile, and have already found something adorable for our friend's baby girl (they have the best stuff for kids here). I will also surely be able to find all the birthday gifts for the nephews while here and in Taos. I can't believe I have until Jan 5 off... all I can say about that is... AAAAAAAAH!!! Now for some more of the sparkling wine.
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