lydia (lalalydia) wrote,

R.I.P. Taqueria La Bamba

Possibly another victim of this lovely economy we're currently enjoying: Our favorite, local (within walking distance) Salvadorian pupusaria closed down. WAH! :(

Had to find an alternate pupusa source on Saturday night for our Val Kilmer movie night with enolarama and thrustoleum, which was quite fun. Real Genius is, as always, fantastic and Willow (which I'd somehow never seen before now... I KNOW!) was cheesy goodness.

Yesterday, visited the SFSPCA with melting_girl to help her find a new kitten. There were a lot of cuties, but we found her an awesome little shiny black girl named Ophelia (perfect!) who is a total sweetheart. Post kitty acquisition, we enjoyed a lovely home cooked meal (that girl can cook!).

All in all good weekend, aside from the restaurant closing of course.
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