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After talking with gratinier today, I realized that I haven't shared my exciting news with most people... possibly because it happened SO FAST. I have a new job!

While I *love* A.C.T., I had come to the conclusion that a career in fund raising was not for me, So I started looking for a new job. Enter craigslist. I found an interesting job listing at a video game company (an industry that I've been wanting to get into for a long time), so I applied. They called me the next day. I interviewed the following week and they offered me the job at the end of that week. Woo!

I finished up at A.C.T. last Tuesday and started the new job at Planet Moon Studios the very next day. I am their Executive Assistant/Office Manager. Today was my fourth day on the job... things are going well so far. Everyone seems great! Best of all, they seem open to the possibility of my growing with the company, so hopefully I won't get stuck in the admin role forever.

In other news, saw the Faint last week. I agree with jwz that the crowd was lame-ola. I am not crazy about the new album... hoping it will grow on me. I am very excited that the Presets are coming back in October and they're playing with another new band I like called Cut Copy.

Lastly, another season of So You Think You Can Dance has come to a close. Boo hoo! But, yay for Joshua! Yes, I am a dork. I accept this.
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